Water Leak Detection Perth

At PBR Plumbing we use the latest Hydrosonic technology to locate pipes throughout your property. Whether it be a domestic or commercial job, we can simplify the location process, saving you time and minimising the disruption to your home or building.

Hydrosonic leak detection will locate burst pipes below concrete slabs, drive ways, within brick cavities and below general landscaped areas.

At PBR Plumbing we have many years of knowledge and experience in leak detection, taking away any guess work. We are fully licensed as required in this area of plumbing and can assist you with any burst pipe or leak detection issues at hand.

We can also issue you with the Water Corporations leak allowance form to recover a percentage of your large water bill, due to a burst or faulty pipe.

Click here to download your leak allowance application form.

To find out more about PBR Plumbings Water Leak Solutions, contact us on 08 9444 9914 or info@pbrplumbing.com.au.

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