Blocked Drains Perth


It is common for most residential and commercial properties to face the problem of blocked drains at some stage. Drains get blocked for a variety of reasons, however often the immediate symptom of the blockage is treated and not the actual cause. But this type of quick fix only superficially clears the blocked drain.

At PBR Plumbing Perth we will fix the root cause of a blocked drain with the latest technology and unblocking strategies to ensure your plumbing works without the problems re-occurring.

The most common causes are:

Debris, Heavy Rains or Storms, Broken Pipes, Incorrect Pipe Installation, Water Flow Issues, Foreign Objects

There are many chemicals and DIY solutions available for clearing blocked drains and pipes and a large number of people in Perth try to repair blocked kitchen and bathroom drains on their own. No doubt, these products offer a quick and easy solution to repair blocked drains. However, they have some important drawbacks and issues to consider.

In addition, the use of industrial chemicals does not always treat the cause of the problem with your drains and so the blockage can quickly return. Without adequately assessing the cause, and not just the symptom, an effective and lasting resolution to your drain blockage might not be achieved.

With PBR Plumbing we will take care of your drain or pipe blockage in a professional and effective manner. We’re the Perth plumbers you can trust!


PBR Plumbing use the latest in CCTV drain camera technology to inspect blocked sewers and storm waters issues.

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