Burst Pipes Perth

PBR Plumbing have 26 years’ experience in locating and repairing burst pipes in both residential and commercial environments.

These are sure signs of a faulty or burst pipe located within your building:

  • Is your water meter still spinning when all your taps are turned off?
  • Can you hear a hissing sound throughout your house?
  • Has your water bill unexpectedly increased?

We have proven techniques for locating and repairing burst pipes in all types of residential and commercial dwellings. Whether it be below concrete slabs, in brick walls or below ground, we will be able to give you sound advice using the most cost effective and efficient methods that are used throughout today’s plumbing industry.

To find out more about PBR Plumbings Burst Pipe Detection & Repair Services, contact us on 08 9444 9914 or info@pbrplumbing.com.au.

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