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8 Things we don’t realise are destroying our plumbing

Plumbers definitely aren’t complaining about the abundance of year-round work in their industry. However, the number of recurring plumbing problems never ceases to amaze them. Common problems like leaking taps and blocked drains are routine jobs for them. But no plumber ever wants to see a customer injured or in danger of being injured from malfunctioning plumbing. The following are some of the common reasons that plumbers are being called out to homes all over Australia.

Using Your Toilet as a Garbage Can

First things first, this is one of the most common issues that is causing Australian’s to have to pick up the phone and dial a plumber. Contrary to popular belief, flushing something down the toilet won’t lead to it disappearing from the face of the earth. Unfortunately, the pipes connected to your toilet also connect to the main pipes running your entire house’s plumbing. Due to this, a blocked toilet can result in failed plumbing in an entire house. As a lot of toilets have a fairly small outlet, an excess of anything can often block them up. Therefore, it’s advisable to only flush toilet paper down the toilet, and even then, try not to go overboard with it.

Pouring Chemicals Down the Drain

For a lot of people, the immediate response to a blocked drain is to pour drain cleaner and other chemicals down it. When used sparingly, and as directed, this can be a quick way to remove small clogs. But when these chemicals are used excessively, without any regard for your piping and the environment, they will corrode your drains, and actually make the clog even worse.

This can be especially harmful when you’re dealing with a septic system, as chemicals can kill the essential waste-eating bacteria that is critical in the breaking-down process.

Putting Anything Else Down the Drain

Chemicals aren’t the only harmful objects that will block up your drainage. It is quite common for people to treat their kitchen sinks as garbage disposals for their leftovers and unused ingredients. Needless to say, if you don’t actually have a garbage disposal, this is going to create a blockage very soon.

Another ingredient for a ruined drain is the pouring of grease down a kitchen sink. We’ve all seen how grease separates itself from water when the two are combined. This reaction is no different to when you pour your bacon grease down the sink. It will result in an overflowing drain.

Cutting into a Wall Without Knowledge of Piping

You may have caught the DIY bug, and find that the best way to get something done, and done cheap, is to do it yourself. These are the famous last words that could come back to haunt you. Even though you may think that a simple problem can be fixed with an even simpler procedure, it’s essential that you know where you have pipes placed throughout your home. One incorrectly placed bolt can result in a hidden pipe leaking through your wall cavity.

Forgetting to Replace Hoses on White Goods

Hoses connected to dishwashers and washing machines can give up at any point. You may not even know when they’ve burst, which can lead to severe flooding in your laundry or kitchen, which could rack up thousands of dollars in unwanted bills.

It is recommended that you check the condition of your dishwasher and washing machine hoses about 2 or 3 times a year, and replace these hoses every 5 years. A wise alternative to this is to buy a no-burst hose for these appliances. These hoses are encased in a woven metal sleeve that avoids weak spots developing into leaks.

Messing with the Water Heater

If you think your hot water heater is playing up, it is not advisable to try and take a look at its inner workings yourself. Draining your water heater, or testing the pressure valve and temperature can be quite a dangerous task. If not done correctly, you may find yourself in hot water, literally! An improper procedure can result in a build up of pressure. This can cause the tank to explode and spit scolding hot water onto an unsuspecting person.

Using Drop in Toilet Fresheners

You may love the aroma and cleanliness that a drop in toilet freshener creates in your toilet bowl. But it may pay to ditch them and just resort to cleaning your toilet more often. This is because the chemicals in these toilet fresheners will work to corrode and wear out essential parts in your toilet. Not to mention they can get stuck in your flush valve. This will stop the toilet from flushing, and result in an overflowing toilet.

Attempting to Fix a Plumbing Problem Yourself

With all the previous perils listed, the main threat to the plumbing in your house is an un-licensed plumber. That means you! If you think you can fix your own plumbing, at least seek a second opinion first. Ask for the advice of a professional plumber before you decide to get out the tool kit. One of the most common reasons plumbing problems turn into bigger problems is when homeowners attempt to fix it themselves, or hire a regular handyman to sort out the problem.

The best course of action when you’ve noticed a leaking tap, lack of hot water, flooding, or any number of other plumbing-related problems is to call a professional plumber. This will save you a lot of time and money.

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