Annual Roofing Maintenance – Is your roof up to Winter?

When was the last time you conducted some roofing maintenance? Ensuring the integrity of your roof, especially throughout the Winter period, is essential, regardless of the type of building. Be it a commercial premises or home, prevention is the best defence against leaks, storm and water damage and before winter is the best time to

Plumbing Maintenance Annual Check List

A running toilet can waste upwards of 25 litres on a daily basis! By completing some simple and quick plumbing maintenance checks in your home, you can ensure you are on top of your plumbing maintenance. This will also ensure all systems are in good working order all year round! These checks can be carried

Why it’s Important to Use a Licensed Plumber?

By using qualified, trained and licensed plumbers, you ensure that not only will you receive the very highest standards of workmanship, but that all work will be backed up by the industry itself. Not using a professional for all your plumbing maintenance services means that you could be putting your home and your family at

Dealing With Blocked Drains

Dealing With Blocked Drains

Blocked drains in your home or place of business can often be problem situations that can be very frustrating if left alone. Often, there will be warning signs that will help you identify that you are dealing with a blockage in your sink or shower drainage. These can include audible gurgling sounds from trapped air

What is Backflow Prevention?

What is Backflow Prevention?

Water in your everyday plumbing typically flows in one direction: from a potable supply through the fixtures in your building, such as faucets and showers, down the drain and to the sewer system. Adequate water pressure usually maintains this flow, so that you can turn on your faucet and enjoy a safe and refreshing drink.

8 Things we don’t realise are destroying our plumbing

Although plumbers aren’t complaining about the abundance of year-round work in their industry, the number of recurring plumbing problems never ceases to amaze them. Although common problems like leaking taps and blocked drains are routine jobs for them, no plumber ever wants to see a customer injured or in danger of being injured from malfunctioning