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PBR Plumbing is proud to work with various strata managers throughout Perth, offering an array of ongoing strata plumbing repair and maintenance services.

Our commitment is to provide you with a dependable and high-quality strata plumbing service that you can rely on. We believe in keeping our communication channels open and transparent, ensuring that we remove any guesswork in maintaining the plumbing systems of both residential and commercial strata buildings and complexes. For all of your strata plumbing needs, you can rely upon PBR Plumbing.

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What Is Strata Plumbing?

Strata plumbing refers to the plumbing services and solutions provided to strata-titled properties, such as apartment buildings, townhouses, and commercial buildings. These properties have shared plumbing systems that serve multiple units or lots, and strata plumbing aims to ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of these systems.

Strata plumbing services may include installations, repairs, maintenance, and emergency plumbing work for common areas, such as hallways, lobbies, car parks, and shared amenities like toilets, showers, and kitchens. Strata plumbing is crucial in ensuring the safety, health, and comfort of occupants while also preventing potential damages and costly repairs.

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Strata Plumbing Services
Frequently Asked Questions

Strata plumbing services can benefit a wide range of properties, including apartments, townhouses, commercial buildings, and other multi-unit buildings that have shared plumbing systems.
PBR Plumbing offers various strata plumbing services, including installations, repairs, maintenance work, and emergency plumbing work for common areas and shared amenities.
If you own or manage a strata property, it's essential to ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of your plumbing systems to avoid costly repairs and damages, and this is best handled by a professional strata plumber.
Our highly qualified team offer the following strata plumbing services:
  • Plumbing repairs; minor and major
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Gas hot water system maintenance
  • CCTV drain inspection and reporting
  • Blocked drains and blocked sewers
  • Water leak detection
  • Backflow testing
  • Leaking pipes and burst pipes
  • Detailed reporting for strata property managers
PBR Plumbing believes in keeping communication channels open and transparent, providing regular updates and ongoing communication to strata managers and property owners throughout the repair and maintenance processes.
The costs associated with strata plumbing services may vary depending on the type and extent of plumbing work required. PBR Plumbing provides upfront and transparent quotes for our services, ensuring no hidden costs or surprises.
The time required to complete plumbing work for a strata property may vary depending on the type and extent of the work required. PBR Plumbing strives to provide efficient and timely services, ensuring minimal disruptions to your strata property's daily operations.
The responsibility for organising strata plumbing services typically falls on the strata manager or the owners' corporation. In some cases, individual property owners may also be responsible for organising plumbing services for their units or apartments, depending on the strata by-laws and regulations. It's essential to consult your strata scheme, and its associated by-laws and regulations to determine who is responsible for organising plumbing services for your strata property.
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