Commercial Gas Services

If you need business gas solutions, our qualified plumbers are specialised in gas fitting, gas plumbing, gas repairs and gas installation services. Whether you need repair, replacement or installation gas services in your commercial buildings, PBR plumbing can help you!

Our team of skilled professionals are well-trained in all types of gas plumbing needs. It means we can manage all forms of gas pipeline installations such as cooking equipment, gasfitter, water heating systems and heating appliances.

When your gas appliances are causing inconvenience while operating, these can cause severe destruction to your entire commercial building. Our team members undertake all types of breakdown repairs quickly and efficiently while finding the faults and diagnosing the right solutions.

We provide services for these commercial areas;

  • Schools
  • Hotels, cafés, bars and restaurants
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Hostels
  • Hospitals
  • Day cares
  • Shopping Centers

You can hire our commercial gas fitting services:

  • For gas appliance installation, conversions, repairs, and maintenance
  • To install the gas hot water systems and units
  • Gas bottle installation includes regulators, changeover valves, pigtails, and gas lines
  • Installation and repairs of gas flue pipes
  • Installation of gas meters, valves, and associated pipework
  • Adjusting gas pressure
  • Installation of gas detection systems
  • Gas Leak detection and repairs
  • We ensure your property is safe and secure while we’re working on your job
  • Properly Connection inspections

We also provide a complete range of gas safety tests to ensure your appliances are operating appropriately without any inconvenience. These tests include;

  • Correct installation as per specifications and regulations.
  • Operational efficiency – For example, proper burning of gas.
  • Pressure testing of gas lines for leaks.

Regular testing on schedule can be arranged to ensure the gas is working effectively and safely.


Whether your business is large or small, we can help you choose the right gas hot water systems to meet your needs. PBR Plumbers Gas Fitters are gas-safe registered and trained in dealing with commercial gas installations.

A service by PBR Plumbers will make sure that your appliances are working safely and efficiently as needed. We take a long-term view of our work, which means we will never compromise on our workmanship or quality methods.

If you want to know more about PBR Gas Plumbing & Maintenance Services or book Commercial Gas Heater service, call us on 08 9444 9914. Get started with our services today!

To find out more about PBR Plumbing’s commercial plumbing and gas maintenance services, contact us on 08 9444 9914.