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Beyond Pipes and Roofs: PBR Plumbing’s Contribution to Stress Free Property Management

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Published September 6, 2023

Managing commercial and strata properties isn’t a walk in the park. Property managers consistently grapple with the complexities of ensuring that commercial properties are maintained adequately while facing a wide range of challenges that can make their roles exceedingly stressful.

Is being a property manager stressful?

The responsibility of ensuring that property remains in top shape, resolving conflicts, handling finances, working long hours, and communicating with tenants can take its toll and can result in high levels of stress. This is especially true of commercial and strata property managers as they are dealing with properties of a larger scale, often with multiple tenants.

These job-related demands not only have the potential to adversely affect the property manager’s well-being but can also significantly impact the performance and value of the property itself.

Successful commercial property managers possess a combination of hard and soft skills that enable them to efficiently handle the multifaceted nature of their jobs, as well as having the capacity to handle stressful situations. 

Here are some key traits of successful commercial property managers:

  1. Organisational Skills: Given the number of multiple tasks, contracts, and schedules they must juggle, being organised is paramount. 
  2. Effective Communication: They need to convey information clearly to tenants, contractors, owners, and other stakeholders. This also means being a good listener to understand concerns or needs. 
  3. Negotiation Skills: Whether it’s negotiating lease terms, vendor contracts, or resolving tenant disputes, negotiation is a vital tool in a property manager’s skill set. 
  4. Attention to Detail: Overlooking a small clause in a lease or missing a minor maintenance issue can lead to significant problems down the road. 
  5. Problem Solving: Unpredictable issues, from maintenance breakdowns to tenant complaints, can arise. Successful managers can think on their feet and find effective solutions swiftly. They often have a reliable team of maintenance partners to rely on to prevent issues from occurring in the first place. 
  6. Financial Competency: Understanding and managing budgets, assessing the profitability of leasing terms, and recognising potential financial pitfalls are all essential. 
  7. Legal Knowledge: A good grasp of local property laws, regulations, and the legal aspects of lease agreements, especially in a commercial or strata context, can save a property manager from potential lawsuits and conflicts. 
  8. High Level Customer Service: The tenants are, in essence, a property manager’s customers. A successful property manager prioritises tenant satisfaction and responds to their maintenance requests and needs promptly and professionally. 
  9. Technical Proficiency: A working knowledge of building systems, from HVAC to elevators, helps property managers address issues with maintenance professionals. 
  10. Flexibility and Adaptability: The world of commercial property management is dynamic. Being able to adapt to changing circumstances or market conditions is an invaluable skill. 
  11. Ethical and Transparent: Upholding high ethical standards and being transparent in dealings instills trust among stakeholders. 
  12. Stress Management: The role of a property manager can be incredibly demanding and fast-paced. Being able to manage stress and not letting it affect decision-making or interpersonal interactions is crucial. 
  13. Proactive Mindset: Instead of waiting for problems to arise, successful property managers anticipate challenges and take preventative measures, such as utilising maintenance partners. 
  14. Team Player: Often, property management is a team effort involving maintenance crews, administrative staff, and other professionals. Being able to work well within a team is essential. 
  15. Staying Up To Date: The strata real estate and commercial property management sectors are always evolving. Keeping up-to-date with market trends, new technologies, and regulatory changes helps maintain a competitive edge.

Is being a property manager stressful

What is strata management? 

Strata management is crucial when it comes to multi-unit properties. It involves the intricate process of managing the common areas shared by all residents. This is where a strata manager comes into play. They’re entrusted with the vital task of overseeing day-to-day operations and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

What does a strata manager do?

Strata managers wear many hats. They handle financial aspects, coordinate maintenance activities, and serve as the bridge of communication between residents and other stakeholders.

Tips for commercial and strata property managers

To effectively reduce the stress of their role, property managers use the following strategies:

  1. Delegation: Distribute tasks to trusted teams or partners.
  2. Proactive Planning: Foresee potential issues and plan for them.
  3. Effective Collaboration: Work closely with reliable maintenance partners like PBR Plumbing.

Tips for commercial and strata property managers

Embracing stress-free property management with PBR Plumbing

At PBR Plumbing, our core values are centered around delivering high-quality plumbing and maintenance work to commercial and strata property managers, to aid in alleviating the daily stresses of their role.

By handling the maintenance side, we work with property managers across Western Australia to provide them with the peace of mind that these key systems of their property are expertly handled, so they can focus on their other responsibilities.

With PBR Plumbing as a professional partner, property managers can be assured of efficient and effective solutions to plumbing and roofing concerns related to their commercial or strata property.

Our values at PBR Plumbing

Our values at PBR Plumbing

Our values underpin our approach to all of our work here at PBR Plumbing.

Exceptional Service

Be positive, polite, and professional – we always deliver on our promise.


No job is too complex – we take ownership and find a solution.


A culture based on supporting our customers and team every day.


We always listen – proactively communicating with customers and our team throughout the process.


We respect the environment we work in. Be clean and leave clean.

Bring our ‘A-Game’

We show up to work positive for the day ahead. We always do our personal best.

Our values at PBR Plumbing

PBR Plumbing: Partnering with property managers across WA

For property managers aiming to enhance property performance and their own well-being, having a dependable maintenance partner is invaluable.

The role of property and strata managers is undeniably stressful. However, the path to stress-free property management is within reach. 

With us as your reliable maintenance partner, property managers can experience peace of mind, knowing that they have an ally who understands the challenges of their industry and is ready to offer solutions.

Prioritising stress-free property management with dependable maintenance partners not only alleviates daily pressures but also contributes significantly to the broader success and satisfaction of the property’s residents.

If you are a property manager on the lookout for a professional maintenance partner, whether it be in commercial and strata plumbing, and/or commercial roofing or strata roofing, get in touch with our team at PBR Plumbing. We look forward to working with you.



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