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Have you considered a CCTV drain camera to inspect your blocked drains?

Gone are the days when we had to completely dig up an entire drain pipe to inspect it or replace a segment! With the introduction of the CCTV Drain Camera, this is no longer necessary! You can clear blocked drains without the mess!

A CCTV drain camera inspection is a cost effective way of figuring out the exact nature of the problem. The camera inspects the drain internally to find the problem. It can then determine what type of work is then required. Using a drain camera eliminates the hassle of digging, repairing, or re-installing the drain pipes. You will also save spending money on them before being aware of the cause of the problem.

Have you considered a CCTV drain camera to inspect your blocked drains?


A CCTV drain camera inspection is extremely accurate. The camera is attached to a screen through which plumbers can inspect the live feed from outside the drain. This then allows them to determine the exact location and depth of the blockage. With this information they can also diagnose the cause of the damage and any leaks or fissures in the drain pipes. It is extremely important to unblock drains and repair any drain leakages at the earliest possible opportunity. This is so that any harm can be prevented.


The CCTV drain camera is a small camera that will slide through the pipe and give an almost 360 degree field of view. This allows you to see every part of the pipe. This includes any defects that might have occurred, i.e. bad joints, root obtrusion’s, cracks in the pipe, holes or any other obstructions. It is also very easy to determine the amount of debris that may be obstructing the pipe as well as the existing flow line.

Have you considered a CCTV drain camera to inspect your blocked drains?


As the CCTV drain camera is passed through the drain, results are recorded. The results are displayed so the plumber can see the interior, identify the problem and then work out the best solution to clear blocked drains.

CCTV drain camera to inspect your blocked drains?

Overall, a CCTV survey can be carried out with minimal disruption. It is a reliable and accurate method of determining drainage problems. The plumber can instantly see where the debris or damage is without the need for excavation, which can be very time consuming. The CCTV survey will make sure the hole is in the right place.

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