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Introducing Our New Website!

In 2016, PBR Plumbing made a pivotal choice to refocus our service offerings. Instead of pursuing new builds and residential projects, we wholeheartedly embraced our passion for commercial plumbing and roofing maintenance. We firmly believe that our expertise shines brightest in delivering professional services for our commercial clients.

Throughout the years, we have dedicated ourselves to cultivating strong connections with strata and commercial property managers. This commitment has enabled us to develop streamlined procedures that tackle everyday property maintenance obstacles, alleviating the burdens experienced by property managers.
This shift in our focus has allowed us to refine our skills in the commercial property maintenance sector, grow our team, and deliver on high quality tailored maintenance solutions for our clients.

Why a new website?

As our industry has evolved and expanded, so has the digital world. We wanted our website to reflect our forward-thinking approach and effectively communicate what we do and how we do it.

We wanted our website to be sleek, professional, simple to navigate and to clearly portray our extensive range of services.

We worked with Dilate Digital to bring our vision to life and develop our new website. Managing Director Paul met with the Dilate team to discuss how he wanted the new website to take form in regards to visuals, branding and content.

The result is a new and improved website where our key services areas are clearly located in our main navigation bar, with easy to follow sub categories giving you a breakdown on our specific services. We have also included more content, including FAQs and information regarding our services, so our clients can easily assess how PBR Plumbing can address their needs.

What’s new?

Our previous website was outdated, and failed to communicate all of the services that we offer in 2023. Our new website offers the following:

  • A new and improved appearance, that is both sleek and visually appealing
  • Easy navigation with user experience in mind
  • Two clear service categories; plumbing maintenance and roofing maintenance, each with their own sub-categories for related services
  • More detail on what services we offer, with related FAQs
  • An industries section, where we cover what commercial industries we service
  • A simplified online booking system
  • A brand new About Us page, where you can get to know our team
  • A brand new blog section (keep an eye out for upcoming content)

Explore our new website now!

We hope you love our new website just as much as we do. We encourage you to click around to learn more about our Plumbing Maintenance and Roofing Maintenance services, and learn about our journey over the years on our About Us page. Wanting to book one of our services? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.



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