Plumbing Maintenance Annual Check List

A running toilet can waste upwards of 25 litres on a daily basis! By completing some simple and quick plumbing maintenance checks in your home, you can ensure you are on top of your plumbing maintenance. This will also ensure all systems are in good working order all year round!

These checks can be carried out bi-annually or annually. How often depends on your plumbing set up and age of the system saving you time, money and frustration! You don’t need to be a licensed plumber in order to carry out these checks. However, if you do find any issues, ensure you hire a licensed and reputable Plumber.

This short checklist consisting of 5 tests, will help you to detect any underlying issues that may be occurring without your knowledge!




Many of the plumbing problems we are called to fix, could have been avoided with some simple maintenance tasks. If this is true for you, we can help! PBR Plumbing are experts in both domestic and commercial maintenance.

Regular upkeep also helps to extend the life span of your home appliances and plumbing systems, such as your Hot Water System, toilets and dishwashers.

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