Hot Water Repairs Perth

PBR Plumbing is Perth’s leading hot water repair company. With strong knowledge and experience, we can repair or replace your hot water system no matter the situation.

We repair or supply and install all major brands including:

Rheem | Vulcan | Aquamax | Dux | Rinnai | Bosch

All of our hot water repairs and installations are backed with an Australian standard AS/3500 guarantee.

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Hot Water Systems have come a way since their inception in 1868. Nowadays, two basic types are available to consumers; storage and instantaneous. Selecting the right system can have big benefits for your home. This can mean reduced household energy costs and meeting household hot water needs – one of life’s essentials.

So which one is right for you? Storage water heaters use an insulated tank to store heated water for use when it is required. All energy sources can be used when operating storage water heaters, depending on what type and configuration of water heater you choose. Instantaneous flow systems heat only the water required and do not use a storage tank. They do not suffer the heat losses associated with storage systems. Instantaneous systems can operate on electricity or gas (LPG or natural gas).

Based on usage, you can choose the most appropriate system for your home. Keeping your hot water system serviced will help to extend the life of the system and also avoid cold shower surprises.

To find out more about PBR Plumbings hot water repair services, contact us or call us on 08 9444 9914.