Blocked Drains Perth

It is inevitable that most commercial properties and residential will face blocked drains at some stage, no matter the premises. They can be frustrating, unhygienic, costly and disruptive. They also run the risk of putting your premises at risk for water damage.

At PBR Plumbing Perth we fix the root cause of a blocked drain – not just treat the symptoms of it. While quick fixes such as chemicals and DIY solutions may treat the initial symptoms of the blockage, these will only clear it superficially – causing the same issue to occur later. A blocked drain requires immediate attention and if you leave it for too long, it may cause you more damage and money.

Our drainage services for blocked drains:

> We use high-tech CCTV inspection drain cameras to inspect the cause of what has blocked the drain, allowing for possible avoidance of having to pull up pavers or tiles in areas that are not required.

Once the fault is located, we can then repair or unblock the faulty section as required.

Having a CCTV camera image of the faulty drain also allows our clients to have images recorded on file for future information if needed.

> Once we have cleared the drain with the use of our drain machines or jetting equipment, we can then come up with a future maintenance plan whether it be to repair the fault permanently or clear the drain annually to prevent further blockages.

PBR Plumbing can set your drain clearing up in our automated scheduling system which will notify you and our office when it is due.


Signs you may have a blocked drain

1. There’s a bad smell in your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor entertaining area

2. Sewerage flowing out of the drain gully within the rear yard

3. Your toilet water level has changed (higher or lower)

4. There is a strange gurgling noise when water is emptying down the drain

We provide solutions for;

  • Blocked toilets
  • Blocked shower drains
  • Blocked sinks
  • Slow emptying drains
  • Overflowing sewer gullies
  • Drain maintenance program



  • Drain clearing/cleaning
  • Drain replacement
  • Drain repairs
  • Sewage pump pits or stations





The most common cause of blocked drains are;

  • Debris
  • Tree Roots
  • Heavy rains/storms
  • Broken pipes
  • Incorrect pipe installation
  • Water flow issues and
  • Foreign objects

Hiring a professional to do the job will likely save you money in the long run. By pinpointing the fault in the piping system, we can reduce the cost in repairs and ensure everything is fixed properly the first time.

Call PBR Plumbing for professional advice about your blocked drain today.

Warning signs of a blocked drain can include loud gurgling sounds, unusual water levels that change rapidly and bad smells coming from your drain area.

  • Drains are usually blocked due to materials being lodged in them.
  • Always wipe oils or fat from dishes before washing them in the sink.
  • Bathroom drains often get blocked because of oil residue from soaps and hair.
  • Limit dumping fats and oils in your drains
  • Avoid putting any nappy wipes or sanitary napkins down the drains as they are not designed to be flushed.
  • Have your drains inspected regularly.

A professional opinion and inspection will help avoid any unwanted blockage issues now and in the future.

  • In most cases, yes, it is possible. With our high-tech specialist equipment, we can locate the blockage and unblock the pipe without having to excavate.

To find out more about PBR Plumbing’s blocked drain services, contact us or call us on 08 9444 9914.