Burst Pipes & Leak Detection Perth

Burst pipes can cause a heap of unnecessary water waste and damage so if you suspect you have a burst pipe, the first step would be to turn off your water main and call PBR Plumbing 08 9444 9914 regarding our Burst Pipes & Leak Detection services!

As members of the Master Plumbers Association, PBR Plumbing has proven techniques to repair Burst Pipes & detect any possible leaks in all types of residential and commercial dwellings. Whether it be below concrete slabs, in brick walls or below ground, we are able to give you sound advice using the most cost effective and efficient Burst Pipes & Leak Detection methods that are used throughout today’s plumbing industry.

What can cause your pipes to burst? Factors such as rust, hard water and poor installation are most likely to be the culprits. Tell-tale signs you may have a burst pipe can include;
– a drop in your water pressure
– pooling water in areas which remain dry such as your garden, paved area or spaces indoors that don’t dry in the sun
– signs of moisture on your internal walls
– mildew or mould smell in or around your home or building
– your water meter is ticking over whilst everything is turned off
– a sudden increase in the amount of your water bill.

If you have a burst pipe, you can download this Leak Allowance Form from the Water Corporation. This form will allow you to claim back part of the cost for the amount of wasted water you have lost. PBR Plumbing is licenced and can assist you in completing this form.

To find out more about PBR Plumbings Burst Pipes & Leak Detection Services, contact us on 08 9444 9914 or info@pbrplumbing.com.au.

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