Stormwater Soak Wells & Drain Maintenance Perth

PBR Plumbing has extensive experience in designing and installing stormwater and soak well solutions for new and existing, commercial, and residential properties in Perth and surrounding areas. Regardless of your space, we’ll find the most suitable solution.

A soak well is generally an integral part of any stormwater solution as when installed correctly it prevents your home or business from flooding, providing a reliable and safe location for water to drain into – particularly after a big storm.

Soak well systems efficiently disperse any collected groundwater and excess underground water and play an important role in protecting your premise from water damage.

Our installations are a permanent and cost-effective solution, with high-grade products and guaranteed workmanship to ensure functional reliability and durability. Let PBR Plumbing give you peace of mind during Perth’s storms – knowing your soak well is working as it should and protecting your property.


We also take care of stormwater drainage maintenance including;

  • Removing stormwater drain blockages
  • CCTV camera inspections of faulty, damaged and blocked stormwater drains
  • CCTV inspections of existing soak wells and condition reports
  • Stormwater drainage repairs
  • Stormwater pit pump-outs and pump maintenance
  • Scheduled maintenance and cleaning for drains and soak wells including condition reports
  • Connection to new and existing downpipes
  • Driveway and stormwater grates installations and repairs
  • Pool backwash pumps repairs and solutions

PBR Plumbing will take care of all your stormwater issues and provide you with sound advice specific to your property – whether it be concrete or polypropylene soak well installation, problem-solving or maintenance and repairs, we’ll find the right solution.

Click here to contact us for more information about the design and installation of soak wells in Western Australia.

  • A soak well is an underground tank that allows water to seep into it, drawing the water away from a properties infrastructure and buildings to reduce flooding and water damage on the property.
  • When rainwater collects and rests against the concrete footings of a dwelling or infrastructure, it can lead to subsidence or damage to the dwelling which compromises the structural integrity of the property or building.
  • Legislation in Perth, Western Australia requires all stormwater landing on a property to be retained on the same property. There are a number of ways an owner can retain water on-site, one of the most effective ways is via soak wells.