Annual Roofing Maintenance – Is your roof up to Winter?

When was the last time you conducted some roofing maintenance? Ensuring the integrity of your roof, especially throughout the Winter period, is essential, regardless of the type of building.

Be it a commercial premises or home, prevention is the best defence against leaks, storm and water damage and before winter is the best time to make sure you roof is up to the task of protecting you throughout the colder months!

Even the smallest of cracks in a roof tile can cause leaks which can then affect the interiors of a home or building, possibly resulting in water damage to walls or flooring. When it comes to maintenance, it isn’t always about being a costly bill! Even a simple clean up of any plant matter and debris build up which will naturally build up over time, especially if there are a lot of trees close by, can help to avoid over flow or flooding due to a blockage somewhere is the drainage path.

There are a series or specific checks that if carried out annually, can help to save you in surprise repair bills and keep your roof in good condition year round. PBR Plumbing offers a Comprehensive Roofing Inspection & Report which involves a thorough inspection of your roof, diagnosis of any repairs required and a quote for any required works, enabling you to know and understand the current condition of the roof and gutters that protect your home and prevent any future surprise issues!

What does the Comprehensive Roofing Inspection & Report from PBR Plumbing entail?

The Comprehensive Roofing Inspection & Report will include a comprehensive inspection of all;

– Roof sheet condition

​​​​​​- Box gutters

– Gutters

– Down Pipes

– Flashing

– Air conditioning penetrations

– Sky lights

The Comprehensive Roofing Inspection & Report will include a comprehensive break down of any and all;

  • Damaged or rusted sections of roof sheets, flashing’s, box gutters or down pipes which require attention or repairs
  • Gutters and down pipes which require cleaning or removal of any plant matter and debris
  • Roof penetrations which need resealing or flashing repairs
  • Down pipes which need cleaning and unblocking

​​​​​The Comprehensive Roofing Inspection & Report will come with itemised photos attached to the areas which require attention for your records. Furthermore, PBR Plumbing will also provide you with a quotation to repair each individual section of roof. The quote will detail sections which requires attention starting from a high priority to a low priority.  This includes any preventative maintenance recommendations for the future. In addition to this, we will also set up our system to send you a reminder when the roof is due for inspection.

​​​​​​​Regular maintenance is key to preventing unwanted roof leaks and storm water damage. This is especially relevant during the wet season and then into the future. Above all, our Roofing Inspection ensures your roofs integrity in the long term.

For more information on our Comprehensive Roofing Inspection & Report or any of PBR Plumbing’s Roofing Maintenance services, contact 08 9444 9914 or email us on

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